Friday, June 29, 2007

God hugged me

~ I was feeling pretty awful the other day, and praying to God that I needed to be comforted. I got out of my car, and two neighborhood children ran up to me and hugged me tightly. I felt like I was being hugged by God himself.

~It's so awesome to see how children respond to the nudging of God with no hesitation.~

Many people have said that we can learn a lot from children, and I whole heartedly agree. In this situation, they had no reason to hug me, they just had a sudden urge to randomly run up and hug me. I didn't need to tell them that I was sad, and they didn't even need to see me crying, they just responded to a sudden desire to run and hug.

As I grow older, I don't often run and hug people for no reason, but if I think about it, I've wanted to at times. Maybe that desire to be affectionate within me, is coming from God, to comfort a person who is hurting inside, that I may never know what is going on.

To go along with Kat's daily challenges, I am going to add one of my own today for my blog readers: pray that God would use you to comfort someone's unknown need today, and when He urges you, randomly hug them. They may feel as though they were hugged by God.



Blogger urban mama said...

Such a great reminder. Thank you for this. I am going to try to do this today. I hope you are feeling better.

10:30 AM

Anonymous Kristin said...

I love when my kids have that proding. It is so sweet to see the Holy Spirit at work in them. I too want and need to be more open to His proddings. I try to be, but when life gets busy... I don't think life would be so busy if I did take the time, all the time, to listen to Him prodding me.

10:48 AM

Blogger kddub said...

Jessie~ I think your sweet children have probably naturally uplifted your sisters spirits as well...

Kristin~ I am so happy that you are commenting! I think its awesome! It's like we can have a conversation.
I know busyness gets in the way with me too. Im going to pray that God would make me very aware to the Holy Spirits proddings.

2:00 PM

Blogger Larissa said...

i love your thoughts!! i think a lot of the time we let our fears get in the way of doing stuff like that- fear of rejection, or fear they'll think we're crazy. when in all actuality, i have never thought someone was crazy for giving me a hug, rather the complete opposite. i love your challenge and am going to try and be more aware of this, to love other people the way children do. thanks for your post.

8:47 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Larissa~ I think you are right. Our own self and insecurities get in the way of God working through us.

9:48 AM


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