Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gardening anyone?

My dad has an agricultural degree, owned a landscaping business, and we had beautiful yards and gardens all my life. The problem is, he did all the work, so I learned nothing! I rode in the wheelbarrow, and played beside him while he worked.
Now I am realizing that I love to plant, and tend plants, but seem to be killing them, some are growing well, but my tomatoes are wilty and weird looking, and my new rose plants have little afids on them and bites out of the leaves. The funny thing is, is that my son planted some plants I had pulled out into his little bucket, and they are growing very well.
Here's what I've done, what else can I do?
~Watered Regularly
~Put fertilizer on them
~They are out in the sunshine
~I sang to them, (I did a science experiment in grammar school on music and plants growing well....my husband thinks I'm crazy)
~ I pulled the weeds all around them
~ and I care about them..... what else can I do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't help. I can kill cactus and silk flowers!


10:22 AM

Blogger Seth Ward said...

Make your son do all the work! Or Brody.

Maybe make Brody sing to them while your son does the work and you can sit in the wheel barrel and give orders...

2:47 PM

Blogger kddub said...

I like how you think.

I wonder what Brody would sing to my plants....

7:57 PM

Blogger FancyPants said...

Singing to your plants! I love it!

Well, you wouldn't want me giving you any advice because sadly, plants seem to die when I just look at them. Of course I've never sung to any, so that may be where I went wrong.

But my blogging friend TrueVyne might know! I'll send her your way.

8:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll sing.. I'm not scared...

"Endless Love"... that's what I'll sing... both parts.

10:16 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Does her name have any connection to her gardening abilities? True vine? That would be great, thanks!

Brody ~ I can't wait to hear it, I'll get my wheelbarrow.

6:39 AM

Blogger truevyne said...

dear k,
I left you a nice long comment on caring for tomato plants. didn't it come through?

8:32 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Truevyne... this is the first I've seen of you here, thanks for stopping by, by the way!
I didn't get the info . on the tomato plants! I wonder what happened? If you don't mind, can you re post it?

8:36 PM

Blogger truevyne said...

My very best tomato rescue:
My suggestion is that you start again in another FULL SUN spot. There is likely a fungus or boer worms where you began. If you don't have another spot, there are some pricey fungicides to spray on a wilty plant.

Till the ground or just dig it till its soft all around for two times as big as a full grown tomato plant.

Go to a reputable nursery (preferably not Wal-mart) and by some a nice looking seedling. There's plenty still on the shelves here in TN.

Fertilize when planting. Goat poo is my fav;)

Put a half inch of tin foil at the base of the plant where it meets the ground. Could be a myth, but it is said this helps fight an entry for boering worms.

Water daily at the roots not on top of the leaves. The sun will burn the leaves otherwise.

If pests come on the leaves, spray a simple hot pepper/dishsoap pesticide.

You CAN do this. I decided after being a city girl all my life to take up pretend farming four years ago, and I've made every mistake. Now I can make an impressive spaghetti sauce straight from my garden.

11:17 AM

Blogger kddub said...

Thank you those are all really great tips. I won't give up on gardening!

8:39 PM


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