Sunday, May 13, 2007

This is cool

My husband stumbled upon this blog, then showed me, and I wanted to pass it on to you. It is about this woman and her travels through Jerusalem, and the areas that Jesus walked. She stood on the hillside where Jesus spoke the beatitudes, and went inside the tomb. There is a photo journal, which is what I loved seeing.
So go here
if this interests you, scroll down a bit until you see pictures, the first part seems to be in a different language!


Blogger kat said...

That's very interesting. Thanks for posting the link, Kristin.

9:50 AM

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

That is insanely cool. I spent an hour just staring at pictures imagining Jesus there.


12:06 AM

Blogger kddub said...

I know, I want to go there someday.

6:53 AM


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