Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What should we do?

The other night I heard a statement that changed my mindset about a lot of things. Instead of asking "where is God in this?", asking "where are God's people?" We are called to help the hurting, poor, lost, lonely, hungry. We are told that this pleases Him, I am sure in a similar way that it pleases us when we see our children share or be kind to one another.

I read this News story about the way that orphans are being treated in Russia, and it makes me sad, sick, and the Holy spirit lights up inside of me saying, we need to do something, this has to change. This is one of those instances where I used to say, Where is God, why is He allowing this? Now I am saying, "Where are God's people in this?"

I get frustrated not knowing how to help in this particular instance, but I am reminded that I do know how to help the many children of this world, through Compassion international. Read this for more info: Shaun's story


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I saw a friend of mine at church last night wearing a shirt which said "If you're busy judging people, you have no time to love them." I thought it was profound in light of the fact that they only bring their older child to AWANAs there now and don't attend the church anymore. They left because we did a "40 Days..." event about 6 months ago. "Anything Rick Warren is wrong" according to them.

We ARE the church and it's up to us be wherever God wants us to be whenever He wants us to be there.


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