Saturday, June 30, 2007

Children confined in America

"This prison, complete with barred prison cells measuring only 8' wide, now holds women and their children, picked up in immigrant sweeps by the US Border Patrol........Hutto currently "houses" about 400 inmates, 200 of whom are children.

Here's what we are doing to these little children:

Children are forced to wear prison uniforms.
Children over 5-years of age are kept in prison cells separated from their mothers.
Children are allowed recreation only 1-hour per day, and often are not allowed outside at all.
Children are being treated like prisoners in violation of federal law.
Children are being denied access to education, healthcare, and their families in violation of federal and international human rights laws and treaties."

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Blogger crazyBugga said...

so what can we do about it?

if the US spends its' excess wealth (dont u deny this fact) on aiding kids from such countries (and not aiding rebels pull a coup), America wil be truly respected then.

The US is a great country. But its' politicians have their priorities screwed up.

Just my viewpoint. :):):)

1:31 AM

Blogger kddub said...

I agree that the politicians have their priorities screwed up.

I however do not know much about politics.

"so what can we do about it?" Not put children in cells, away form their mothers. Not treat them like prisoners. Maybe take some of the funding from the prisons that people like Paris Hilton go to, and put it here, so that these children-future citizens of America- aren't completely traumatized upon arrival. Treat them like they are people that have rights.

8:47 AM


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