Thursday, July 05, 2007

this is random...

Fancypants is starting a series of posts about learning more about Catholicism, which should be very interesting.

(This is the random part.) I realized that my view of the Catholic religion, is very mysterious (and un- educated), and I feel it's due to my only experiences with Catholic churches, and catholic people. Here they are:

~As a kid, at the catholic church down town, there was a vision of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. My mom took me out of school, and we stood in line all day to see this eery blue outline of a woman on the wall.

~My mom made my friend and I go to a Catholic "manners" school one summer.

~While in Spain for 9 months, I attended Mass, which was in Latin and Spanish. Upon the first visit I passed out in the pew, and woke up upside down with three people standing over me speaking spanish rapidly.

~Also, while in Spain I visited a convent in Segovia. The young nuns took me on a tour, and showed me a tree with three separate trunks, which were all growing intertwined. They said this symbolized the trinity to them. I bought some marzipan from them.

~My friends sister moved to Portugal to become a nun.

~I worked at a dry cleaners and cleaned the local priests robes.

~I saw the "Da vinci code."

~In London, I visited the Westminster Cathedral and experienced a beautiful moment that is stained in my memory. I had gone in there to get out of the cold of the evening, and was walking down the corridors alone. A choir was practicing in a back room, and the sound echoed down the halls. Candles were lit along the way, and I walked through, hearing each of my footsteps, and tracing my hand upon the walls. It truly felt like a sanctuary......sigh......good times....

....See I told you it was random and un educated. I look forward to learning along with Fancypants


Blogger Chaotic Hammer said...

This is great, Kristin! Not random at all.

For some reason I find this post totally fascinating, and definitely relate to it.

11:37 PM

Blogger Seth Ward said...

Me too C ham'n'eggs.

Cool images Kristen.

1:36 AM

Blogger kddub said...


7:25 AM

Blogger FancyPants said...

The picture of you waking up with people all around you rapidly speaking in Spanish is. hilarious.

Could I just quickly point out here...

Let it be known that henceforth Chaotic Hammer will be dubbed...

C ham'n'eggs

except when I have something serious to say to him, and then I think I wouldn't be able to concentrate knowing I just typed C ham'n'eggs. That is the funniest thing....

He got you, CHam...'n'eggs

12:02 PM

Blogger kddub said...

It was really funny....

I was thinking the same thing about C ham n' eggs new nick name.

9:09 PM

Blogger Chaotic Hammer said...

Well, the new moniker is cute and all, but I only have one problem with it -- every time I see that, it's going to make me hungry. I love ham and eggs (like a ham and cheese omelet, for example), so you're going to cause me to crave food every time I see it!

Wow, it must be lunch time.

1:35 PM

Blogger kddub said...

yeah, well in light of fancypants post about the sandwich, I am surprised Seth wouldn't have chosen to dubb you "C-Ham n pepperjack" Maybe that wouldn't make you as hungry.

8:11 PM


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