Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day 13~ Steven

Today Steven Russel is the blogger for the 40 day fast.

"help those who are not as lucky to live in this fantastic country as we celebrate our freedom on this fourth of july.
but go to your inner city. find a community center. volunteer to read stories to kids at the local children's hospital. go to a food bank. a mission. give your time."


Blogger Pleasant View Family said...

It's so fun to connect with another Nashville blogger with kids the same age as mine! I'm getting together with another blogging mom to go to Fundom Kids (www.fundomkids.com) this month - would you like to join us?

Also, a friend forwarded Steven's blog entry to me yesterday. It's so powerful! My professional field is in service-learning and community development, so I found his blog to be completely 'on target'!

2:13 PM

Blogger kddub said...

I did not realize that you lived in TN! I don't know where pleasant view is or the fundom kids thing is, but it would be great to get together. I'll check those two places out!

9:23 PM


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