Sunday, July 01, 2007

My birthday day...

~Today was my birthday, and it was a very good day. The day started by my wonderful husband and boys bringing me breakfast in bed. We then went to church and learned about the awesomeness, and greatness of God while a very loud thunderstorm was happening outside, to prove the point I suppose.

We had our car windows down, so our cup holders were full of water when we left, and there sat my cell phone floating in one. We laughed at how clean our car is now, and hope that by drying my phone out a little it won't keep shutting off.

We finished the day at one of my favorite restaurants, Macaroni grill. They have the best lasagna, (but mostly I like to draw on the table.) I was sung happy birthday in Italian, and told happy birthday over and over by my two year old, along with creating a special high five- rock solid, kiss with my 4 year old. It was a wonderful day.


Blogger urban mama said...

Happy birthday. I am so glad it was fun.

9:37 PM

Blogger Jenny said...

Hey, today was my birthday too!

I hope yours was as great as mine was!! =D

12:43 AM

Blogger Just Mom said...

"They have the best lasagna, (but mostly I like to draw on the table.)"

I love this line. :-D

A belated Happy Birthday to you.

7:25 AM

Blogger kddub said...

Thank you guys!

Happy Birthday Jenny! Welcome here too.

8:24 AM

Blogger Beth said...

Note on the cell phone. DO NOT turn it on or play with any of the buttons. Put it in a ziplock bag of rice for about 3 days. That will help to absorb the moisture. Find out when your contract is up and you're eligible for an upgrade to a new phone. Depending on what carrier you're with, I may be able to send you one. I've got a few spares from previous upgrades. Let me know.


10:31 AM

Anonymous Kristin D said...

Happy Birthday again honey! I am so glad that your day was great! I love days like that. God is good!

10:34 AM

Blogger Larissa said...

happy birthday!! i LOVE awesome thunderstorms.... cool birthday present.

12:10 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Beth~ thanks for the offer, but Brody's got another phone that I can use!

Kristin and Larissa~ thank you, i love thunderstorms too.

9:16 PM

Blogger Jenny said...

Thanks, Kristin!

1:36 AM


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