Saturday, August 11, 2007

Your best Piece of Parenting Advice....

...."You can raise your kids or you can grow your kids. Growing them means just giving them food water and necessities, raising them means getting to know them, building a relationship with them and guiding them with morals, values, and love."

...."You can tell your child a million things, but it's what you do they'll remember." Ginger Colllins

...."Open your ears before your mouth, listen to the child, remember being the age of the child, and remember how you felt in similar circumstances." Michelle Yendall

...."Plan on getting nothing done." Anna Fontenot

..."Cultivate a sense of humor." Jennifer Green

..."Enjoy the moment, because it will be over soon." Misha Neidorfler

(taken from Real Simple Family magazine)

So what is your best piece of parenting advice you've received or given?


Blogger Just Mom said...

I don't think I can offer anything better than the quotes you've posted. I love that illustration, by the way. I'm going to try that project with my son.

10:07 AM

Blogger Larissa said...

those are great, i especially love the first one.
it's so true. it's easy (on the surface) to be a lazy parent and just barely do what needs to be done, but it's so much better for everyone (including parents) to put effort into actually having relationships with children, and disciplining respectfully, and all that great stuff... and much easier in the long run to be that type of parent.
thanks for the quotes!!

11:39 AM

Blogger urban mama said...

This too shall pass...

You will have lots of time later for clean floors...

8:55 PM

Blogger kddub said...

just mom, I didn't actually make that, but it is a cute idea.

Larissa, I agree.

Jessie~ those are both good. I have to tell myself the first one you said, over and over all the time, not just in parenting.
The second one you said, made me laugh at first then tear up a little. It gives perspective to the desire to have clean floors. An older lady told me one time, "I wish I still had my little boys making muddy footprints across my clean kitchen floor, now it's hard just to get them in the door." It's a bitter sweet thought.

9:42 PM

Blogger truevyne said...

Best piece of advice I've heard lately, "Guard against hurry at all costs." Hurry is when I am at my worst in parenting.

9:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great piece of advice: Make sure that your husband uses you as a foot stool when he comes home from work. This allows you to teach your children good old-fashioned American Values.

This site has some other gems:

11:11 AM

Blogger Brody Harper said...

Anonymous is a dumb ass.

12:11 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Is that site for real, or is that a terrible joke? All those tips on that site were awful!!!!!

annonymous, I hope you were kidding.

1:46 PM


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