Friday, October 06, 2006

The chef

Tonight I wondered once again at the tastebuds of my son. He is so picky about what he eats, yet sometimes he shocks me at what he will try. For instance, tonight he decided to "cook something." He got out some measuring cups, some cups of water, and a spoon. He began to create a concotion of dried macaroni, mushed brown bannana, left over from breakfast, water, ice, mushy cereal, and cat food. He stirred and stirred until he felt it was just right. He then got out a straw, and took a sip, "MMmm that's good!!" he told me. I just looked at him and laughed.
I remember as a kid, when I'd do the same sort of things, and my dad would actually eat the stuff. I wasn't so brave tonight.


Blogger jimmy pop said...

i guess that's a good place to start. who knows maybe one day i wil work for blue.

10:30 AM


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