Saturday, July 21, 2007

Prayers for your kids

~First of all, let me say that this section of my blog regarding parenting- intimidates me-, even though it's possibly the topic I care most about. I feel so inadequately equipped at being a mom, and it's the thing I want to be best at. If I fail at everything else, but my kids know that I love them and God loves them, I will feel I succeeded. I don't feel like I have a bunch of tips and advice to give, because I am usually the one asking for help and advice. My constant prayer is that "through my weaknesses, he'll be strongest," in my parenting and now in this section of the blog as well. As always, you are completely welcome to comment, and share things that you know and have learned. I respect your opinion, and advice is heeded. This section will reflect things I have read, learned from other parents, or be questions to you.

I'll start out by using this quote that I heard in a mother's bible study:

"You are on assignment from God to pray for your children. You may be the only person on the face of the earth who is! And if you aren't, then probobally no one else is!" ~ Elizabeth George

I picked up this book in a pocket size version, and it is full of paragraph long prayers for parents to pray for their kids. It's a helpful guide, and easy to take along somewhere.

~What kinds of things do you pray for your kids?

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Blogger Kat said...

Weird. I was going to blog about this exact topic. I think you're like my caucasian twin or something...

Anyway, I really want to be more intentional and focused about praying for my kids. I have little notecards I carry with me with things I want to be praying about for each member of my family, but I don't pull them out to pray as often as I'd like.

In general, the big thing on my heart right now for my kids is to pray for discernment. I really want them to be wise. I'm about to send my oldest off to school in the fall and I'm praying that she would be discerning about friendships and different things that she encounters.

The baby just woke up, I'll comment more later...

Great post Kristin.

9:49 AM

Blogger kddub said...

"I think you're like my caucasian twin or something..."
~ha ha ha.... totally!

~note cards sound like a really great idea, it seems like that would organize prayer thoughts better.

~ I read something also about praying for specific things on specific days of the week, that way it would be more organized and less overwhelming.

Discernment is a really great thing to pray about.

2:18 PM

Blogger Beth said...

Pray for their future spouses. I know that when your kids are little, it's hard to imagine them all grown up and married, but a Godly spouse is such a gift. Pray for their spouse. Not that they'll choose the "right" one, etc., but that God will bless that individual, protect them, prepare their hearts to be joined with your child's etc.

My mother worked outside the home when I was growing up. Laundry day was Saturday. She would say a sentence prayer every time she picked up an item to fold for the person the item belonged to. I do that now for my family and it's awesome!


11:22 PM

Blogger Rebeca said...

I try to pray through the Proverbs- I just read/pray the Proverb that corresponds with the day of the month. I read a verse, and then turn it into a prayer for one or all of the members of my family. I find this helps me cover a lot of things I might not yet think to pray for them- wisdom, accepting correction, future spouses and godly character, purity, diligence, the list goes on.
My Mom had little cards in her Bible, one for each of us, with things that she prayed for us. I believe she still has them in there actually, and still prays, even though we're all grown. I've been meaning to do the same, but haven't yet.
Bless you,

10:07 AM


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