Friday, July 20, 2007

To buy organic or not to buy organic?

.... that is the question rolling around in a lot of people's minds.... Is it a fad? Is it that much better for you? etc etc....?

Here are some things I found:

Going organic means~
~ Avoiding artificial additives that find their way into foods.
~ Avoiding agrochemical residues on foods.
~ Organic grown crops are higher in nutrient content. (higher content of vitamin A and C) due to the way the organic farmer nourishes the soil, before and after crops are planted and harvested.
~ Non organic produce has a much higher water content, and therefore contains less of the essential vitamins and minerals.
~ Organic foods have rich tastes and textures
~ You can decide to choose organic food for taste, safety, or for the environment, and choose even just a couple of things to buy organically, and it will be better for your health, and especially the health of your growing children.

Best things to start buying organic are:
~root vegetables, like carrots,
~salad greens, lettuce
~organic formula milk.

~What do you think about organic food, what have you found about it? What do you buy organic?



Blogger Larissa said...

i love buying organic when we can. we buy almost all of our fruits and vegetables organic. we buy hormone-free milk (although usually not organic). the biggest other thing which i know we should is meat, but we usually just buy that at costco because of price, mainly.
i don't think it's a fad, but people realizing the effects of what they put into their body, and the big health push that's going around... i don't know, maybe that makes it a fad?? i think it will stick, though.

12:07 PM

Blogger C.J.J. said...

I found your site through Shaun Groves and I'm thrilled to find another mom who is working through the issues of caring for the environment, healthy eating, etc. I am a mom passionate about all of these things but having a hard time finding like-minded Christians. Thanks so much for your blog!
We are doing our best to do most all produce & meat organic, but don't always have the money. When things are lean I at least try to buy what they call the "dirty dozen" - the top 12 foods that you need to buy organic. you can find the list on the Enivronmental Working Group website.
In the research I'm doing, I'm finding more and more that buying local may even be more important than buying organic (obviously if it's local AND organic it's the best) Buying local makes a huge difference in environmental concerns, allows you to get your food much closer to when it's actually ripe, supports local farmers, and is also financially wiser as you are buying things that are seasonal. The summer's a great time to visit your farmer's markets!
Also we are newly committed to buying only grass-fed beef - and getting that through local farmers is your best bet. I'm sure that you have some good resources in Tennessee - check out localharvest.com
If you'd be open, I'd love to connect with you via email about all these issues - it be great to have another mom to share info/concerns/ideas with. I'm a Christian mom of 2 boys in Illinois. Can I give you my email address?

2:42 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Larissa, I agree that the aknowledgement of eating organic, being healthier is like a fad just that people are realizing that it's healthier.

cjj~ I am so glad that you found my blog too! I would love to talk via e mail, that would be great. my e mail is kweidemann@mac.com

I love buying locally grown produce. It's nice to know that we are helping out the local farmers too. I hadn't thought about buying local meat, I'll look into that. Thanks for the info!

10:12 PM

Blogger Kat said...

I'm just starting to delve into buying organic stuff. Honestly, sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming trying to find the perfect "busy mom with lotsa kids" trifecta of Healthy, Affordable and Fast when it comes to feeding my family.

I'm glad you're on this journey too.

I can cheat off you.


Seriously, though, thanks for sharing these resources. It not only reminds me that I want to learn more, but it gives me resources to check out.

10:23 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Kat... no kidding! And honestly this is just an attempt, and I just figure the more I learn the more it will be stuck in my head, and may help me to make better choices. Right now I don't buy everything organic, and my kids don't eat perfectly everyday, but at least they do some of the time.....I'm glad you are on the "journey" too!

8:31 AM

Blogger urban mama said...

I try to buy mostly organic fruits and vegis, milk and meat. Trader Joes makes it so easy. I just signed us up for a CSA where we get a box of local fruits and vegetables once a week. I am excited about it. I also just heard that if you think it is important to buy organic milk that cheese and butter are even more important because of the concentration of the part of the milk. We also buy organic formula. It can be expensive but it is our health and I think it is important.

1:41 PM

Blogger Rebeca said...

Lots of good input from above commentors. I buy as much organic as possible. During the school year we are part of a buying club and get a box of OG fruits and veggies every two weeks, but this year I'm going to try to get into a CSA so that more of it is local. I'm trying to find a local farmer that I can buy milk and meat from. I wrote a post some time ago about these things- you can read it here if you like:http://carriedonthewind.blogspot.com/2006/07/collosal-rant.html
Good for you, searching this stuff out!

10:12 AM


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