Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sense of Humor

"Every survival kit should include a sense of humor. "
— Author Unknown

~ I am a lazy launder-ress apparently, who doesn't like to check pockets before throwing clothes into the laundry. Normally that doesn't matter, except for the occasional tissue or chap stick that gets left. Today, about 2 minutes after I threw in my husbands recently removed jeans, he came running in asking,
~"My jeans aren't in there are they?"
~"Uh... one of your pair of jeans are..."
~"Yeah, my ticket, my rental car and gas reciept are in my pocket... "

We quickly stopped the machine, fished out the jeans and carefully unfolded the sopping wet, very important pieces of paper out of his jeans. Thankfully I have a husband, who has a good sense of humor and thinks it's funny that he's got to send in his crumpled, barely readable ticket, and was okay with me laughing through the whole ordeal. I think I may start checking pockets from now on though.



Blogger The Booters said...

Stick it to the man...in any way possible.

1:25 AM

Anonymous kricketd said...

You would not believe the things I pull out of Ragan's pockets. It's a crazy eye opening look into his days! Just wait untill Blue is 10!

2:16 AM

Blogger Kevin Davis said...

i've never seen brody pissed off in my life, now that i'm thinking about it.
shoot, i shoulda married him.

1:15 PM

Blogger kddub said...

booters~ ha ha ha... yeah, that is really what I was trying to do...

kricketd~ I can only imagine.... whats the craziest thing you've found?

kevin~ I know, very few things make Brody actually mad.

8:26 AM


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