Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday!

~My sweet baby Cooper turned one year old today! He had a good day playing at a science exploration place, eating his first pancake and saying, "uh oh" for the first time when he threw it on the floor.
Cooper is the most perfect surprise. He's added so much to our family, and he brings us so much joy. With all of our kids, Brody and I end up calling them by different and sometimes strange nick names. With Cooper, there's the obvious "Coop," or we call him "CT", we call him "Trey" and "Coop- pe- doop." The nick name that describes him best to me, is "My sunshine boy."


Blogger Grace said...

He's SO beautiful! His eyes are so blue.

Happy Birthday, "Coop- pe- doop", that's my favorite!

I'm glad he had a wonderful day!

9:17 PM

Anonymous kricketd said...

I need a new picture! He is so beautiful. I think he looks so much like both of your baby pic's! Happy birthday baby!

11:50 PM

Blogger Larissa said...

happy birthday to him!!!
he's a very handsome little man.

8:19 AM

Blogger Heidi Jo said...

i had to comment on those eyes...oh my lord i have never seen such eyes in my life! my kids have the opposite effect...huge brown ones. that is astonishing.

happy birthday!

9:14 AM

Blogger Just Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your Sunshine Boy.

10:58 AM

Blogger Brody Harper said...

Sweet guy...

11:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy First Cooper Trey! You've grown so fast! You are just beautiful.


12:47 PM

Blogger urban mama said...

I just want to kiss those cheeks. Happy Birthday to such a great kid. You are greatly blessed.

3:34 PM

Blogger Amy said...

Wow, what a beautiful baby!

6:05 PM

Blogger Seth Ward said...

Really and truly, one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. It is almost unfair.

Happy birthday blue eyes!!!!

10:20 PM

Blogger emily* said...

Did the year just fly by for you? It sure did for us. I can't believe James is one already. I'm sure Cooper and James would be fast friends. The "uh oh" game is a favorite in our household. Caleb never gets tired of picking things up over and over again so James can throw it over and over again. =) I've been really bad at updating my blog but I'm going to try to be better. There is always something fun I can share. Have a great Thanksgiving with the Emmans. You are all missed on the West Coast.

11:13 AM


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