Sunday, January 06, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

~I got this cookbook for Christmas, "Deceptively Delicious," and so far it is really good! The basic idea is to sneak vegetables into normal recipes, so that kids (and adults too I guess) will eat more of them. The recipes use pureed vegetables in dishes, so it's handy if you have babies too, because you can use that pureed food for them!
So far we have tried the rice krispie treats, that are baisically the same except you use brown rice cereal and add some flax seed. They taste the same to me, and the kids love them.

~Have you tried this cook book, or have another good one to recommend?


Blogger Kat said...

Wow. That looks like a cool recipe book. I'm always looking for ways to make our food healthier without sacrificing the taste...


9:28 AM

Blogger euphrony said...

I just ordered it from Amazon last night for Mrs. E - she's been wanting it for a month, now.

2:49 PM

Anonymous kricketd said...

I got it for Christmas too! It is fun. I have tried a bunch of the recipies. We had the lasagna last night. Very good! I tried the chocolate pudding, so good. The kids don't know that I am slipping them extra veggies. My kids aren't bad about eating veggies if they aren't thinking about it. It's just when they get it in their heads that veggies aren't cool is when we have a proplem.
Let me know what you think!

8:00 PM

Anonymous annie said...

Lindsey uses this, too. I've always been pretty successful at sneaking veggies into dinner recipes, myself. That rice crispy treat one sounds good! Kudos to Jerry Seinfeld's wife, eh?

9:19 AM


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