Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trip to Kentucky!

Brody had been gone for over 2 weeks, and when we realized he'd only be 3 hours away in Kentucky, we decided to go and see him! My friends here were not too keen on the idea of my 9 month pregnant self driving 3 hours away, so I was phoned a few times all the way there, and happy to inform them that there was a hospital nearly every thirty minutes of the drive! We got to eat dinner with Brody, meet the people that he works with, and watch most of the concerts. (Blue fell asleep during part of it) The highlight for Blue was when he was able to help shoot the confetti out at the end of the show!

We then were taken to a hotel, where they had kindly booked us a room, only to find that it was kind of a ghetto area, and kind of a ghetto hotel. Brody went to a couple of surrounding hotels, only to find they were either full or 500 dollars for the night. We decided to stay at this hotel, while Brody hopped back on the bus bound for St. Louis. Our night sleep was, well nearly non existent. Blue slept fine, but Aiden was coughing and stuffed up, and could not sleep though the people yelling outside all throughout the night. I kept praying for God to heal him, and was so frustrated that I was not getting sleep, and for poor Aiden as well. After sleeping from about 2 to 4 am and then not returning to sleep, I felt a strong urge to get home as soon as possible. So, I loaded up the kids at 7 am and took off for home. Brody called me shortly after we were on the road, and was relieved to hear that we were out of there and safe. After returning to the bus, he heard about one of the crew guys nearly getting mugged, and the bus drivers saying that the hotel had been a "rough" place. Brody didn't sleep much either.
The drive home was nice and quiet, and I was able to apologize to God for being upset that He wasn't answering my prayers the way I wanted, and realize that because God knows me so well, He knew that If I had slept, I would been more lesirely with my time the next morning and hung around a bit, letting the kids play or whatever. I think He was trying to keep us safe, and wanted us out of there as much as we did!
So all in all, it was a good trip. I didn't have the baby on the side of the road, we got to see Brody, (although after seeing his face, it just makes me miss him more now) and we were kept safe while driving, and staying in a not so nice area! God did answer our prayers after all, He protected us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole missing them thing is not fun at all. Your "boys" look very cute. I am glad you guys are safe and I am just waiting for the news that your little guy has joined you guys, but I am hoping that it is not until Brody is done with the tour.

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