Sunday, May 27, 2007

Be Be Here

"The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments... It is not a thing that lends significance to a moment; it is a Moment that lends significance to things." ~Abraham Heschel

What would you do more of/ less of, if you only had one month left to live? Would moments be more sacred to you then? Would you sense God around you, because of the your stillness? Would you listen to your kids more intently, and enjoy the questions that they ask over and over again? Would you soak in the faces around you, and enjoy the touch of people you love that much more?

I know I would. I'd put less a value on sleep, and more value on holding my baby. I'd play more. Everything would seem special, everything would be a moment I'd remember. Why? Because I'd be intentional in the way I was living, because I'd want to enjoy the last days of my life, and mostly I'd want to enjoy the people in my life. I'd give those talking to me my full attention because I wouldn't want to miss an ounce of what they were saying. I'd be so involved in each moment that I wouldn't be thinking about the next, or the next day, I wouldn't want to, I'd want to soak it in. I'd hug more. I'd laugh more. I'd tell those in my life that I love them that much more. I'd remember to return those phone calls. I'd make time to go to lunch. I'd spend time talking with my husband. I'd hold my sons tighter, and longer. I'd let the time at the dinner table linger. I'd do those things my kids wanted to do, and I wouldn't watch the clock. I'd want those minutes to seem like hours, and I'd want each of those minutes to be packed with memories, with good good moments. I'd be, be here, in the moment.

What would you do?



Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

I would do all of that.

The funny thing is, we take advantage of our time like we are guaranteed to live until we are 80.

I need to start living life like it potentially could be my last and stop taking so many things for granted.

1:03 AM

Anonymous Kat said...

Great post Kristin.

I think I tend to be really task oriented. Sometimes I'll put off my kids or my husband so that I can finish a task. I think it would be better if I more often stopped what I was doing even though it's not done and spent time with my loved ones. Just to show them that they are the most important thing to me.

This is why I like to read Rebekah's Page. It reminds me that life if short and uncertain and to embrace every moment.

Thanks for the reminder Kristin.

8:41 AM

Blogger Steven M. Russell said...

Of subject, but would you mind shooting me an e-mail with Brody's e-mail addy. I want to ask him a question...but don't want to do it on his blog and he has so many comments on his latest post I hate to just throw randomness in the mix and I am scare he might overlook it.

My address is stevenunc at tmail dot com.


7:11 PM

Blogger Beth said...

I think I'd do many of the same things too. It makes me wonder though why I don't live like that now. Afterall, none of us knows when your last moment here will be. It really makes me think about all the time I waste doing nothing. Suffering from depression doesn't help either.


10:06 PM

Blogger FancyPants said...

I think being here in the moment is exactly what heaven will be like. Why we won't feel eternity because every moment is in its fullest.

Pretty awesome.

10:20 PM

Blogger urban mama said...

I want to live like this. I really do. Thanks for making me think about it. I think I will go kiss my kids right now.

1:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...



I tried to email you but it got sent back.


7:46 AM

Blogger Just Mom said...

Wonderful post. I'm going to have to give this some thought and write a blog post myself.

Love the quote, by the way.

11:59 AM


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