Sunday, June 03, 2007


~I want to keep learning.
I am a "just do it," type of person, but I am realizing that real change happens slowly. So I am going to start learning about different things, and make those changes bit by bit in my life.

I want to grow in knowledge and wisdom of the bible, so I am doing bible studies regularly.
I'm exploring the possibility of learning Greek.
I want to eat healthier, and feed my family healthier, I want to learn more about nutrition.
I am learning more and more about "Going Green," and practical, cost effective ways to do this.

So I thought I'd post a tid-bit here and there about these things, little chunks of info we can all chew on. You may start seeing "theme days" once in awhile, with info about these topics and something I've learned.

I am working on a list, but am open to suggestions.

~What would you want to see regularly, what are you interested in learning more about, that I too could learn about?


Blogger Kat said...

Wow. I wish we lived in the same city. It seems we're just about in the exact same place in life.

I'm definitely interested in learning more about healthier eating, going green and deeper Bible study. I look forward to what you have to share.

I'd also like to learn more about being a great mom. If you come across any great parenting sites or have any tips, please share those as well.

Here's to learning...

9:17 AM

Blogger Lisa H said...

How about recycling? I moved from an area that made recycling a priority (and made it very easy) to a place that doesn't value re-using things or recycling things. I'd be interested in learning more about what I can do....

Very fun idea!

12:27 PM

Blogger urban mama said...

I love this idea. I want to learn more about feeding my family healthy meals. I can't wait to learn with you. Also I am always up for creative ideas to keep kids busy and happy.

7:04 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Kat~ I agree, I think we'd have a great time living in the same city. Good mom ideas are great to post too, Parenting sites, I'll have to post some I've found recently. If you have any more suggestions on how to do this, let me know. I'm going to try to group the different ones together, with Labels (?). I guess I'll be learning that too!

Lisa~ I am in the same boat with Recycling. We used to live in CA where you recycled without thinking about it, because the garbage company supplied you with a pick up service. Out here in TN, you have to take the recyclables all sorted and cleaned yourself. It's a lot more effort. But I guess it's good for us to actively do it and for the kids to learn.

Jessie~ you would have great ideas for those things too! You are my inspiration a lot of the time! I'm always looking for ideas to keep the kids busy though too, and now with three we can re late to "do able" outings.

8:51 PM

Blogger Kat said...

Honestly, if you're serious about blogging, I highly recommend bailing on Blogger. I had the WORST time trying to move all of Shaun's posts and comments over the the new site.

If you decide to bail and set up you're own site, just let me know. I'd be happy to do the techie stuff for you and walk you through it all.

1:15 PM


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