Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mr. Positive

My oldest boy is so so full of Joy. Sometimes he reminds Brody and I of Will Ferrell in the movie, "Elf." He gets so excited about everything.

"Mama, we WALKED to our FRIENDS HOUSE!!!! I ran because it was so much fun, and we saw a cat, and a bird, and a........" He likes every child, and makes friends with everyone in the grocery store, and he's just so positive.

Yesterday morning after he threw up, I was changing his pillowcase, and he said, "I get daddy's star wars pillow case, I love that one!" He didn't complain about not feeling well, even though I knew he didn't. He spent nearly the whole day horizontal, which for him is an obvious sign that things were not feeling right. He had a fever throughout the night, but I think he's better today. He woke up asking for pancakes and eggs. Hopefully that is all for the sickness this summer.



Blogger Kat said...

What a wonderful attribute to have....especially in a preschooler.

9:11 AM


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