Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Good outweighs the Bad

"Godly influence can carry a much heavier weight than ungodly influence."
(To Live is Christ bible study by Beth Moore)

For me, that statement shifts my focus from being afraid of the bad influences in the world on my children, and puts my energy and perspective on being a good and Godly influence for them. Which is where my energy is better spent anyways.

When you start thinking about situations, maybe even in your own life, you may start to realize that the good really did out last the bad. I know a couple, who the boyfriend started out as a drug dealer, and they got pregnant. Her church surrounded them with grace and love during that season, and through tears at one service the boyfriend accepted Christ and is now a huge voice for Jesus. He still had a life long of "ungodly influence," but those few months of "Godly influence," and the love of God changed his life, and their children's lives forever.

It's encouraging to know that the good and love we impart into our children's lives, and everyone else in our lives for that matter, will out last the bad. As long as we are being sincere in our faith, and showing the love of God, we need not worry as much about the bad out there, or at least know that the good we do will outlast the bad.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well said, honey. So glad you are feeling better. The church has been praying for you.
Love you all so much....Mom

6:06 PM

Blogger Beth said...

Glad to know you're feeling better Kristin. How are the boys doing? Praying for all of you to recover and NOT get Shaun's pink eye upon his return.


7:52 PM


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