Sunday, July 22, 2007

Conversion and Growth

~"Only Jesus could turn such a self proclaimed enemy of the gospel into one of the greatest lovers of the gospel who ever lived. If He could change Saul and mark eternity with his life, God can change us.
Let's continue to offer Him a teachable heart..."

Paul used the words "grace," and "joy," more than any other in the bible. He also went through some of the most difficult and dire circumstances. That is a strange paradox. It seems even against human nature. I don't think we are naturally joyful when dealing with difficulties, nor do I think we are naturally gracious when dealing with people. It's beautiful to see, what Christ can do in a life who is completely transformed. He went from being Saul the persecutor of Christians, to Paul the Christian missionary, who offered people hope and eternity.

"Having searched the life of Saul, how can we ever doubt that Christ can save? Is any too wicked? Any too murderous? Grace never draws a line with a willing soul. His arm is never too short to save."

(Quotes are from Beth Moore, "To Live is Christ" bible study)



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