Friday, August 17, 2007

Pain Free Splinter Removal...

~I don't know about your kids, but my son screams like crazy if we try to remove a splinter. It scares him, hurts him, and he hates it. I had the doctor do it last time, and it took three of us to hold him, and I am not sure it was worth the $150 dollar "in office surgery fee."

I found this way that may work for some not so deeply embedded splinters.

1. Wash area with soap and water

2. Apply some white glue over splinter opening and let dry.

3. Peel off, and most splinters will come out with the dried glue.

4. Apply some antibiotic ointment, and a band aid if needed. Then they're off to play without feeling traumatized.



Blogger The Booters said...


3:23 PM

Anonymous kricketd said...

Warren hates getting splinters out. He would rather let them get infected! I will try this next time! good advice!

4:42 PM

Blogger Annie said...

The booters took the word right out of my mouth. You've tried this??? I am tempted to go out drag my finger down the back yard fence just to see it work! ha ha

4:54 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Yes, but not the ones that are so deep that they aren't poking out a little, or you can't see the hole. The ones that have to be picked open with a needle, won't work with this.

8:54 PM

Blogger Grace said...

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9:56 PM

Blogger Grace said...

Thanks for the advice!

My boys have a very hard time letting us get their splinters out. We'll use this removal method next time!

9:57 PM


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