Sunday, September 02, 2007

Saving and Going Green

~To decide to start greening the things you do in your life, seems to be more costly. In some ways you have to weigh your options in purchasing something, but at times you can save money buy going green, that weigh out for the more costly things.
Some ideas that actually cost less,

~Turning off unnecessary lights, (I have a hard time doing this, because we sleep with a few on...) and turning down your thermostat, can save money on your electricity bill.
~Buy cereal in bulk. You can save around $110 dollars a year! Haven't done this yet, but am planning on doing it when I can. I like the look of cereals and grains in jars too!
~Make your own cleaning solutions, you can save around $36 dollars a year. (I also like the Seventh Generation products, they are less expensive than some, and work and smell good too!)

.... there are definitely ways to save, so it's not always a more expensive route.

For more tips on saving, and even downloading your own excel sheet to figure out your personal savings go to The Green Guide



Blogger Kat said...

I really like Seveth Generation stuff too, and you introduced me to the Method products which I like as well.

I've also heard that using an AutoThermostat (one that you can set for different temps at different times of the day) can save a good bit of money.

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