Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Storm and I'm a dork.

~ My experience with the storm last night, felt like it could have been the makings of a scary movie, or maybe a comedy. Last night I was frightened, today I laugh at myself.

The storm brought loud thunder, bright lightning, strong winds, and hard rain. The electricity went out, and all I had to light my way was the only flash light in the house, which is a dinasaur that roars when you turn it on. My two year old was scared, and "can't like thunder," so was my dog, so we all huddled in the bed together in the dark.

At ten o clock pm., my four year old came home from his sleepover, he was scared too. After watching my friend nearly blow away as she shepherded my son to the garage, we went up stairs soaking wet, now lighting our way with his light saber, and my flash light. I got them tucked in, in my bed- the two boys, our big dog, and I all drifted off to sleep.
About an hour later, I woke up to noise outside, it was still storming, and we still had no electricity. I peeked out the window, and saw a car parked in front of my house. It was creepy. I could see the light of a cell phone or a lighter in the back seat, and they were just sitting there, in front of my house. I went to my phone, only to find that the battery was dead. After watching them for awhile, get out of their car and then back in again, I felt like I really needed to have my phone, just for peace of mind. I grabbed my sons light saber, made my way down stairs, jumping at every noise, and whipping the light saber around to light every corner of the house. (It has really cool sound effects too- by the way)

I went into the garage, where I sat with the car running, charging my phone. I then realized that the exahaust fumes weren't good for me, ( I thought, "great now I'm going to accidentally kill myself just trying to charge my phone.)

With my phone barely charged, I went back inside, and continued to spy on the people in front of my house. A lot more people came and went from the "party house" on the street, but there the car sat, in front of my house, the people getting in and out of their car, lighting cigarettes, and talking on their phone.

The electricity finally came back on around 12 am, and I was finally able to sleep. I am terribly afraid of the dark, my imagination runs wild, and makes a normal storm into a dramatic night.

This morning the car was gone, and a large tree was on the deck of my neighbors house, taking off a corner of the roof as well. Thank God everyone is okay.


Blogger Kat said...

The visual image of you walking through your house with a light saber completely cracks me up. Had there been an intruder I'm sure he would have just busted out laughing too.

I'm glad all is well and I hope you sleep better tonight!

10:59 PM

Blogger Seth Ward said...

I love sleeping in thunderstorms with all that is in me. My dad used to play this thunderstorm record to get me to sleep back when I was a little pants-pooper.

Later in my teen years, me and a friend used to go Tornado chasing in his crappy Ford Pinto. Totally stupid but a total blast!

11:35 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Kat, I know, I did probably look pretty stupid. In my head, I was thinking, the light saber will distract the intruder, and I'll have a chance to run.... It's funny too, I was complaining earlier in the day to my husband about my son deciding to purchase another light saber with his gift card, but I was glad to have it later... ha ha

Seth~ that's crazy.... but it makes me wonder what you can train yourself or your kids to find comforting, just by playing some sounds while they go to sleep, sort of like programing them to like something... weird idea hugh?
Storm chasing...yeah... I think that would freak me out, but I do like to watch the videos of crazy people that do that!

7:04 AM

Blogger Beth said...

Kristin, I'm trying to figure out how Blue left for a sleepover as a 5 year old, and came back a 4 year old! Were they watching the "Time Machine" or something?

I must admit that I love a good thunder storm too, but my younger girls hate them. We've spent many a stormy night huddled in what quickly becomes the family bed.


12:47 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Beth~ I totally missed that, how funny, he's definitely still five!

Thunder storms are fun, with a light on and a charged phone!

10:40 PM

Blogger Grace said...

I'm glad everything was ok. I like a good thunderstorm, however, I agree I need lights and my phone to enjoy them!

12:24 PM


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