Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Family Car

~If you don't have kids, and would like to see what one part of your life would look like if you did, just lift up the seats of your car, take a bag of pretzels and throw them all over the place, followed by some cheerios and those "yogo" fruit snacks, (if you don't use those, make sure to get ones that melt when they get hot) and sprinkle with a little apple juice, (for that musty smell) and a little milk, (for that, "there's gotta be a poopy diaper in here," smell) Next, make sure you walk across the mess, and really grind it into the carpet, and leave for a month or so to get the full effect!

~Every car we get, we say "we aren't going to eat in this one, and we'll pick up every time we get out of it..." Inevitably life speeds up, and priorities shift away from the car, and we eat in it, and forget to pick up, and forget to vacuum, and it gets really nasty. As long as it's running good, and keeping us safe, who really cares? You can get really strong air fresheners to cover that smell, and if not, you get used to it after awhile.


Blogger Just Mom said...

Oh my! For a second I thought you somehow got a photo of the interior of my car.

7:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good thing about not cleaning out your car are the memories. Everytime I see the sand from our vacation at the beach (2 months ago!) I remember how much fun we had (and how I wish I was still there!! :-)

:-) Christina

12:26 PM

Blogger Brody Harper said...

You forgot to mention this picture was taken the day before we took this car to Carmax to trade it in.

Sorry Carmax vacuum guy.

2:13 PM

Blogger Beth said...

Yes, that is the true reflection of "we have children." Our cars look like that too. You can look forward to replacing cheerios with jawbreakers, and adding some library books, school reports, and the half empty cup of cappuccino your kid leaves in the car. Those smell WORSE than the poopy diaper!


10:34 PM

Anonymous annie said...

Kristin, you are so funny. We say the same thing every time we get a car, and the same results follow!

12:51 AM

Blogger Grace said...

That is too funny!

I try to clean our vehicle with a shop vac weekly!

We say the same things about not eating in ours, but somehow we end up eating and getting food everywhere. :)

Cute & FUNNY post!

1:06 PM


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