Saturday, March 10, 2007

The voice of a princess

Today I was privledged to have a little 3 year old girl grace the presence of my testosterone filled home. She came dressed in pink, with sparkly sandles on. She told me how our dog, (who is a boy) and her dog, (who is a girl) are in love. She said, "isn't that romantic?" She twirled around in the kitchen as she sung to herself, and walked on her tippy toes as she played "mother" to my sons. She sat quietly while we ate lunch, and chewed with her mouth closed. She colored in the puppy dog coloring book, (the one that usually only I color in) and presented her dad with a picture when he arrived to pick her up. As we watched her skip home, I said to my son, "Girls are different than boys aren't they?" to which he replied, "Yeah they have different parts."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's my boy....

Stick to the facts.

9:37 PM

Anonymous Kat said...

How cute!

We had some friends come over last night who have twin 4 year old boys and I was once again amazed at how inherently different boys and girls are even at such a young age.

The two boys and my two girls were all playing with the same thing - our Bradford pear trees which are currently covered in flowers - however, while my girls were gently picking flowers off one by one, the boys were throwing soccer ball at the tree trying to knock as many flowers off as they could.

I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a shock real soon.

8:37 AM

Blogger Larissa said...

girls are sure different, i agree. it's funny. we went to a b-day party yesterday and just realized all over how different a girls party is from a boys! i love your story- i can totally picture exactly what you're saying!! :)

7:58 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Kat~ It's ironic you talked about the bradford pear trees, just yesturday I had to get my son and his friend out of our bradford pear tree in our front yard! I had a friend who had a boy after her girl, and she said the first time she noticed a real difference, (besides the obvious during diaper changes...) was during bath time, her baby son would splash so much more than her daughter ever did! I did a post awhile back when I first started blogging about boys and girls being so different. http://kddub.blogspot.com/2006_09_01_archive.html

~Larissa, aren't girl parties so fun? I totally get why playing princess is fun! We've had some good superhero parties though too....

9:21 PM

Blogger GrovesFan said...

My only son was almost ten when we brought our third daughter home from the hospital. He kissed her gently and said "We're gonna need another bathroom aren't we mom?"


7:07 PM


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