Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kid's Art

Of course I think my kids have a natural talent to be artistic, because everything they do I think is amazing! I started realizing how much I love kids' art in general and checked out this book that is a design book for kids, and the creations are by kids. I think I love how unhindered children are with their art and designs, they are not thinking about what someone else wants to see, they are creating from their own imaginations.

~My favorite thing that my sons have made was a painting they worked on together, and I just sat and watched their different styles. My oldest had large and quick brush strokes taking up most of the canvas while my two year old stuck to a corner and painted little circles and dots. The end result was a collision of many colors and two satisfied little boys.

~What is your favorite creation by your kids?



Blogger truevyne said...

I love the picture my daughter drew in marker of herself in marker. Her brother thumbtacked it to the ceiling of her bedroom and also tacked a swim team blue ribbon in her hand as if she were winning it. I think it's the loving collaboration that I liked even more than the art itself.

5:45 PM

Blogger Brody Harper said...

My favorite of Blue's is the one where he drew himself, luther (the dog) and cooper crawling.... brilliant.

11:36 AM

Blogger Grace said...

Right now, a picture my oldest drew...it's of him and me. He made us with huge belly's sticking out. It's cute!

10:16 PM


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