Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

~My sweet Aiden reminded me as I was leaving their room one night, "mama you got for, (forgot) to pray for Bluey."

~"I'm not an itty bitt..." says my 5 year old to my two year old as they were talking in their room

My husband to Blue, "Where'd my drink go?"
Blue: "I drank it."
My husband: "Your a stealer!"
Blue: "I'm not a stealer, I'm a finder!"

Me to Blue: "Are we playing restaurant?"
Blue: "Yes, what do you want for dinner?" he asks, holding a pad of paper.
Me: "Are you the waiter?"
Blue: "No you guys are the waiters!"

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Blogger Grace said...

Those are cute!

1:24 PM

Blogger Just Mom said...

"No you guys are the waiters!"

Love it!

2:24 PM

Blogger Beth said...



9:45 PM

Anonymous Kat said...

As if Blue isn't a cool enough name, his brother calls him Bluey? I love it.

I love the waiter one.

10:20 PM

Blogger Larissa said...

i love the cute things kids say!!!
the whole 'got for' thing especially, that's what my boy said for the longest time!!! i think it stuck around a bit longer than other things out of habit.
i love the finder vs. stealer, too!!

2:51 PM

Blogger onemotherslove said...

So literal, how cute!

11:16 PM


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