Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some new commandments.

I asked my son what he learned in sunday school today, he said, "The 10 commandments."
I asked, "what are some of the 10 commandments?"
He said, "Like, no lying, and no whining, stuff like that."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like those commandments! My dad would always quote the "2nd Book of Paul" (his name was Paul) whenever he was telling us a rule, etc. We laughed, but we obeyed.


11:07 PM

Anonymous annie said...

I'm not one to tell God how to do His job, but I think "no whining" would have been a wonderful commandment!

11:19 PM

Blogger Just Mom said...

BAH hahahahahahahaha....

9:29 PM

Anonymous Kat said...

Is that from Blue's International Version?

10:09 PM

Blogger dreamingBIGdreams said...

I love that whinning commandment! I'm not sure my kids have leanred that one yet!

5:40 PM

Blogger Grace said...

I love it!

9:15 PM


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