Monday, November 19, 2007

My weekend

~I had an amazing weekend with my husband. I had a hard time leaving my kids, my oldest son really did not want me to go. He had said he'd rather be with me than go to Toys r us, have ice cream, or sleep in the tent we had set up. That felt good to know how much he loves me, but made it a lot harder to leave.
It was a long drive to Atlanta, but I was entertained by the many phone calls from my best friend back home in CA who was in labor with her baby girl. It was hard not to be there with her, as I was with her first daughter, but was glad to stay updated throughout. My faithful, borrowed, GPS system, (whom I named Janice) kept me on track, and got me there without getting lost.
My husband had only good things to say about each of the people he'd worked with, and I quickly saw what he had meant. The atmosphere was extremely friendly and all the people were wonderful.
The show started with The Myriad who set a really good vibe, and were very entertaining to watch. Phil Whickam was up next, and he captured the audience with his powerful voice, and beautiful songs. David Crowder Band was headlining, and they put on a very entertaining, fun, worshipful, amazing show! They also did so much for the communities they were passing through, which I have talked more about on the Inspired To Action site.
We slept in until 11 am the next day, which for me is huge, since I am normally awake by 6 every morning. I felt out of it all the next day. We had a long drive home to talk, laugh, and catch up.
I found my boys completely well taken care of, and happy to see us. It was a good weekend all around. I am glad my husband does what he does, and enjoys it, I am glad that there are fun privileges I get to experience because of it, and I am glad that when he's home, he's home for a concentrated amount of time.


Anonymous annie said...

What a fun weekend! I'm glad you guys got some "Brody and Kristin" time (and some sleep).

9:42 AM

Anonymous Tracy Edwards said...

Glad you guys had a great time! Have a great Thanksgiving.

10:02 AM

Blogger Amy said...

sounds like it was a great weekend!

10:52 AM

Blogger Larissa said...

that sounds like so much fun!!! what does it feel like to sleep in until 11?? i think you should write a whole post dedicated just to that, i am really curious.
the show must have been crazy! good people there!! :)

10:56 AM

Blogger urban mama said...

I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and your friend had her baby. That is great.

11:54 PM


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