Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Traditions.

~My mother in law is very good at having traditions. One of her traditions is having ornaments for every family member specific for that year. For instance, if they played baseball that year, they would have a baseball ornament. It always amazes me at what kinds of ornaments she is able to find. Tonight I was able to be apart of the tradition of hanging them onto the tree, as I have in the past when we lived closer by. I loved the memories that came forth as I hung my families' ornaments. The pregnant bear that symbolized my pregnancy with my first son, the little house for our first home, the gardener lady for the year my grandmother passed away. I know that every ornament brings back memories for each of us individually, and as we hung them, had our personal memories, and personal ways of placing the ornaments on the tree. Then we stood back and looked at the now full tree, and it represented a family, full of diversity and seasons of life, but each ornament together created a beautiful symbol of what we are. I love that tradition, and I love that she takes the time every year, all year long to find the perfect ornament for each of us. It means a lot to me, to be apart of this family.
I want to start some traditions with my kids, and I think ornaments are a fun thing to do.

~What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


Blogger Annie said...

I give each of my kids a new ornament each year and try to make it memorable of the year. Our tree is always overloaded with ornaments, but like you say, it's really a representation of our family. We like it this way!

I think family traditions are very important childhood memories to carry through life.

2:32 AM

Blogger Grace said...

What a sweet story! It's awesome to have wonderful in-laws!

I have a lot of traditions, which I'll be posting about soon! Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!!

12:15 PM

Anonymous Amy Seay said...

I'm going to keep that in mind. that is a really good one! We miss you!

2:58 PM

Blogger Kat said...

That's neat.

We always eat tamales on Christmas Eve. Yum.

Just this year I'm starting the tradition of watching Anne of Green Gables with my girls (not a Christmas movie, but oh well) and camping out under the Christmas tree after we put it up.

12:04 AM

Anonymous Kelly said...

Lovely and invaluable, indeed. Our church high schoolers always put on shows and we make sure a day of it is on our calendar...

2:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ornaments are a great tradition! We get an ornament each year for each of the kids and one for us as well. It is usually tied to something they've done during the year or something they're "into" that year, etc. They each get to hang their ornaments when we decorate the tree. When they grow up and leave home one day, they will each get to take their ornaments. That way, they don't start out with a "naked tree" and they get to share those memories with others too. We get to keep ALL the ornaments the kids have made through the years in church, school, etc. Those are my very favorite ones!

Our other tradition is birthday cake for Jesus. We started this with friends in England. On Christmas Eve, after we return from church, we exchange one gift with those friends and have a party for Jesus' birthday. Now that we live so far apart, we do it at the same time so we're still "together." (they live in MD now.)


10:20 PM


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