Saturday, December 08, 2007


I have an etsy store, and it is called, generosity. I have had this idea to sell things I make in order to be able to give more financially to various organizations, and the people around me that need help. The time has gotten away from me, and Dec. 7th has happened upon me quickly, and I have been working on this idea for months now. So I decided to go ahead and post what I do have, and I'll continue to add more as things are made.
I have attached an organization to each item, so that you may know where your money will be going.
Right now there are four scarfs, and I am currently making some more. I have a few cute aprons that are waiting to be finished up, and some paintings that are drying. I will continue to add things as I make them, so check back regularly!
~For now, check it out!


Blogger Daniel said...

would you take special requests? I've been looking for a red scarf in a certain style for awhile. the Green, Brown Boule Scarf looks just like what i'd want but in a dark red. and longer like the orange popcorn scarf.

I'd be willing to pay more, and don't have a preference on the organization or people that the money goes to.

email me at rhodesaudio at gmail.com

12:58 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Yes, definitely Daniel! I love requests....

I'll e mail you about the specifics.

1:25 PM

Blogger Grace said...

How cool! What a wonderful idea!

9:51 PM


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