Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This is for Kat... you have only a little time left before you are going to be holding your cute new little baby boy!

This is for Levi and Jessie, soon your little one is going to be smiling, and things are going to start getting easier!

For everyone else, isn't he adorable?



Anonymous Kat said...

He looks like quite the charmer! He IS adorable...

I am SO excited to have a little boy.

Thanks for the motivation, Kristin. Your photo is even more motivational than a chart or a form...so I'm off to go organize my cleaning supplies into alphabetical order...



11:04 PM

Blogger egweedge said...

I love that baby!! I can't wait to meet him. I love you too... I really miss you!!

10:21 AM

Blogger Cristy said...

He IS adorable! Love those dimples!! Is his hair red?

(I came here from Shaun & Brody's site.)

11:03 AM

Blogger Larissa said...

what a cute little smile!! very adorable little boy.

3:39 PM

Anonymous kddub said...

Kat~ sounds like a good idea, I'm feeding off of your nesting, just got through organizing my garage!

Erin~miss you too, can't wait for you to meet Cooper!

Cristy~ I've seen you around their sites, welcome!

Larissa~ I know isn't he?

8:12 PM

Blogger urban mama said...

I cannot wait fot that first smile. It is so encouraging. I think he looks a lot like you.

10:05 PM

Blogger Grace said...

What a cutie!!! I love his smile...

9:48 PM

Blogger GrovesFan said...

How adorable! What a little charmer he is. I'm from Shaun's boards too. I finally got to meet Brody last month when he and Shaun were here in Grand Forks. Very nice guy! I'm looking forward to meeting you on the cruise next month. I hope you'll let me watch Cooper for a little while so you and Brody can enjoy a meal or something uninterupted. Being a mother of 4 myself, I know how precious those times are!


8:28 PM


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