Friday, March 16, 2007

Waking up early

I am not a morning person, I never ever have been. But my kids are, so I decided that I should wake up at least a half an hour before them each morning, to pray, and drink coffee and wake up, so I am not a morning monster to them all. My husband thinks our kids have radar, because it doesn't matter what time I get up, they wake up about 5 minutes after. It could be 5am, it could be 6:30am or it could be 7:30. It doesn't matter, they are up.


Blogger kat said...

So do you still get that time to yourself?

I've also recently started getting up early and I LOVE it. We have a recumbent bike in the garage, so I'll go in there ride the bike, listen to my iPod and read my Bible and pray. Then I'll check my email, blogs and get ready for the day.

I listen to three particular songs every morning that completely wake me up, energize me and get me psyched for the day:

Come Awake - David Crowder
Invade - Watermark
It's On - Superchick

I've really come to enjoy the solitude of the early morning. My problem is that I also enjoy the solitude of the late night...

I need to sleep more...

I do think kids have a radar. I've found that the daylight savings time change has helped since it's darker later.

8:41 AM

Blogger urban mama said...

They do have radar,
I think they all do

4:56 PM

Blogger kddub said...

I get time to myself at night. I just really like the quiet of the morning to drink coffee and wake up slowly. I have my kids read books in their beds while I wake up. Listening to some songs to get yoU going is a great Idea though too.

8:03 PM

Blogger Grace said...

It seems if I'm up needing to start/finish/complete a task they awake almost immediately after me. However, if I need them up so I can get them ready to head into town... well, they stay asleep.

8:14 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Today I made it 10 minutes before the baby woke up, and then 30 minutes before my oldest woke up!

7:13 AM


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