Sunday, March 18, 2007

Presence / Present

~Tonight I was praying with my boys before bed, and I asked God to fill His presence in the room. After I was done, my 4 year old asked, "what kind of presents is God going to fill our room with?" I laughed, and went on to explain how I was in his presence right then, and if I was out of his room I wasn't anymore. He just looked at me confused and said, "You are going to be inside my present?"



Anonymous Kat said...

Cute! I hope he wasn't too disappointed about not having a room full of presents.

10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one of the coolest kids ever.

P.S.- Your the best present ever.

1:52 AM

Blogger kddub said...

He wasn't dissapointed!

Brody~ awww.

7:40 AM

Blogger Grace said...

too cute!

8:06 PM


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