Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Weirdo down the street

~The other day my friend (whose husband was out of town) was taking her kids outside to play. She lifted up the garage door and there stood a man, who said, Oh I was about to go and ring your doorbell."
She asked him what he needed, and he started to ask her some questions that didn't make much sense, like "you had goals to get where you are right?" She said she was waiting to see if he was going to sell her something, but didn't notice anything on him and he never got that far into the conversation. A few minutes later a police car pulled up to the base of her driveway, the man turned around and said, "Oh no," walked down to the police car, the cop cuffed him and took him away. She was left standing there wondering to whom she had just been talking to.
Last night my friends and I got together for our weekly bible study, and my other friend started telling about a similar sounding man who had approached her husband in their neighborhood two times, earlier that same day (five miles away ish) asking for money, saying he had Aids, and wanting to go inside his house. My friend's husband went in his house and got his dog, and let this man use his cell phone. The guy called a pizza place.
After the man left, these friends started asking neighbors, and found out that this man was staying with some family in that neighborhood, because he'd recently been let out of rehab.
Here's my theory, (mostly just to make myself feel a little more safe) Since this guy was recently let out of rehab, its possible that he was on some sort of house arrest. He was probally looking to get some money from my friends, and when he saw the cop car, maybe he had realized that he had gone too far away from home. It frustrates me that the police never talked to my friend, nor followed up when her husband called to find out what had happened. We live in a safe kid friendly neighborhood, so it rocks our boats when a man gets arrested in it, and even more so if it had been the man that you were talking to.


Anonymous Kat said...

That is very creepy and "uncomforting" how the police responded.

My husband has been out of town for the past three days (he comes home today) and while I don't always sleep well when he's gone, I felt very comfy this time.

I figured that if some strange man decided to break into my house, I had the greatest defense ever.

Fake labor.

What man would not run away in complete and utter terror?


I hope this man moves on and stops roaming your neighborhood.

8:16 AM

Blogger The Booters said...

Yeah that is a little crazy and scary. I would be very annoyed that the cop didn't say anything to me if i was in that situation.

By the way, that has never happened to me in california.

7:14 PM

Blogger kddub said...

Kat that is a perfect scare to an intruder, and funny to imagine.

Boots, you still should move out here....and statistically the crime rate between here and California is much lower

2:06 PM

Blogger The Booters said...

ya i figured that might be the case, but i had to say something. it may have been my only chance.

2:34 PM

Blogger kddub said...

boots...ha ha ha

2:45 PM


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