Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'll be away for a week.

Let's play the "would you rather...." game while I am away from my blog for a week. (I may be able to stop in once in awhile) How it will work, is I'll start with a "would you rather" question, then you, answer in the comments, and follow with another "would you rather..." question for the next commenter! Have fun!

~ Would you rather have to eat a bowl of mayonnaise, or a bowl of horseradish?

Happy Birthday dad

I called my dad today to wish him a happy birthday, we sang, and then asked him what he was going to do. He said, "paper work." Ok....
"why not do something fun?" I asked,
"well I have to do it." he said.
"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" I asked.
"Well, I don't want to do it tomorrow, because tomorrow is my birthday." he laughed.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Before and After

Not much difference, but some of you asked to see the before and after pictures of getting my hair done.



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What should we do?

The other night I heard a statement that changed my mindset about a lot of things. Instead of asking "where is God in this?", asking "where are God's people?" We are called to help the hurting, poor, lost, lonely, hungry. We are told that this pleases Him, I am sure in a similar way that it pleases us when we see our children share or be kind to one another.

I read this News story about the way that orphans are being treated in Russia, and it makes me sad, sick, and the Holy spirit lights up inside of me saying, we need to do something, this has to change. This is one of those instances where I used to say, Where is God, why is He allowing this? Now I am saying, "Where are God's people in this?"

I get frustrated not knowing how to help in this particular instance, but I am reminded that I do know how to help the many children of this world, through Compassion international. Read this for more info: Shaun's story

Unexpected blessings

God blessed me with an awesome mother in law. We have spent the last two nights talking until 1 am, laughing, crying, and praying. She is an amazing woman, that loves Jesus, and her family and friends whom she calls family, more than anything else. When I married into this family, I was overwhelmed by the closeness that they shared, and throughout the six and a half years of being family, I too have become involved in that closeness. She puts relationship above anything else, and I relax in her presence. She's so wise, and knows so much about the bible. She loves unconditionally, and the hurting ones in our family, are drawn to her. She truly represents what it means to be a mama, and a grandma, or Mammo as all her grandchildren call her. God blessed me with my husband, and when I married him I gained a family that I never could have ever imagined would love me as they do their own blood, and that I equally love. I am so greatful.

One example of their thoughtfullness, came in an unexpected way. When they arrived they pulled out of their suitcase, two frozen burritos, and salsa from my favorite resturaunt in CA. I love that place so much, and we've all shared many family meals there. They took the time to go and purchase these things, freeze them and carry them on their 6 hour flight to TN. I was touched, and my tummy is happy too.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 15 minute pick up

Lately I have been swamped in housework, and the only time I seem to have time to do it, is when I have free time, usually when the kids are asleep. I don't feel like doing it at that time, I feel like doing something fun and relaxing. 80 percent of the time I choose to relax, concluding I'll be a better mom that way. Anyhow, the clothes still sit there, the dishes still sit there, etc. etc. So I decided to give myself 15 minute time frames to do a task. I've tried it, and I get a lot done in 15 minutes! I just folded and put away three baskets of laundry!

What can you do in 15 minutes? What creative ways do you house clean or do the things you don't want to do?

a thought

~Can kind words that aren't said, cause just as much pain as hurtful words that are said?

What do you think?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Please tell me!!!!

How do you teach your baby to sleep through the night? What do you do and why?

The Makeover

I won a make over. I was pregnant, walked by a booth, filled out a paper with my name and phone number to win a make over, and walked away thinking, "I never win anything...but this would be cool."
While I was in labor, my phone rang and low and behold it was the salon lady saying I'd won! I explained why I had to wait to schedule, being that I was going to have a baby in a few hours, and so it was put off until today.

I walked in with plans, and she told me, "Now this is what we are going to do.." I sat down and two hours later, she said I went from looking like I was 16 to looking like I was 18. I look young for my age, which I hate a lot of the time, because I get a lot of looks toting around three children.

I am not the only one.

I met someone recently who I literally thought was maybe 12 or so, and she was 20. Her aunt said they have given her menus with crayons at restaraunts!

I went to the movies with my friend who is 34 with four children, and they told her she couldn't get in to see an R rated movie without her drivers license!

I know there are worse things, but it's funny how people can assume ages.

Do you look young? What have you been mistaken for?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Toddler worms" and other cute sayings

"I found a family of worms! Look a toddler worm!" ~Eliot.

"I'm a boy, I can't give my booby to a baby!" ~Eliot (when explaining why he needed to feed his stuffed puppy in the middle of the night)

"Heflants, (elephants) have sparkles on dem. (them.)" ~Aiden

"My favorite color is blue. My brother's favorite color is green. I like Florida." ~(a boy from sunday school)

"Oh yeah, God and Jesus, I learned about you guys today..." ~a friend's son while praying.

Me: "Does anyone remember what
an offering is?" ~ Little Girl: " an octopus"


It's just so clear to me, why not you?

Is there anyone in your life whom you know needs Jesus? Someone that you know He could make their life better than you could even imagine, if they'd just say yes to His love?

I have a lot of people in my life that I know need Him, but there's one in particular that I am fighting for. It's someone I don't even like, or want to have in my life continually. For some reason this person that I've tried to turn away from so many times is the very person God has chosen for me to minister to, the very person that burdens my heart and lingers on my mind.

This person goes in and out of sanity, in and out of reality. This person has heard the truth spoken so many times, but renounces Jesus' divinity over and over. This person is drowning in sorrow, and has many self destructive tendencies, but I fear the worst one of all is the denial of Jesus.

What do you tell someone who won't grab ahold of the hand that will lift them up?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another good quote

"You can let the same force that makes the flowers grow and the planets move, run your life, or you can do it yourself."
~Marriane Williamson


Monday, April 09, 2007

Another reason to Celebrate!

My 4 1/2 year old son is always asking me questions. He has a lot of questions about God,
Why aren't his ears bigger? Can he hear through walls, dirt, and when you are in the car? Is God as strong as daddy? How did God make a plant? Can God turn off my fan for me?

He asked one this weekend that turned into a long disscussion.
What is a Christian, are all adults Christians?
We talked about these things for a full 10 minutes, which is a long time for my energetic son. Littered throughout were really serious questions such as, "What happens when we die?" and "Are you going to die first, or is daddy because he's older?"

I explained that it was important to pray to Jesus and tell him that you believe He's the one God, and that you want him in your heart. He replied, "I'll do that when I'm 34 or 18." We went onto other things, but that night at bedtime, he asked me if I would pray to help Jesus get Into his heart. I asked him what he thought that meant to him. He said, "That I love Jesus, that He's God, He's alive, and I want to follow him." We prayed, he repeated what I said, we said Amen, and with sheer joy on his face, he said, "Mama I'm a Christian!"

Thursday, April 05, 2007

"No Sad Christians!"

"During the 50 days of the Easter season culminating on Pentecost, Ignatius of Loyola encourages disciples to pray daily for the charisma of "intense gladness." Clearly he does not mean a giddy cocktail party gaiety or a brave attempt to smile through the tears, but a deep seated joy in the ressurection triumph of Jesus Christ...
If this prayer is heard, I shall have found a source of Joy that is unassailable, for whatever happens, the Lord is always risen. Contingencies cannot suffocate this deep joy. Whether the day is stormy or fair, whether I am sick or healthy, whether I feel like a dirt ball or a butterfly, whatever comes cannot alter the fact that the Lord is risen."
~Brennan Manning

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Sleep Walker Talker

Is it possible to inherit a gene that causes you to sleep walk/ talk? I think my son inherited this (entertaining) trait from my husband. They don't just sleep walk or mumble in their sleep, they tell stories, steal pillows, and jump off the bed, (just to name a few.)

What is the most unusual sleep walk/ talk story that you have seen or heard?